30 Aug 2014

Social Media Ad Campaign

Social Media Ad Campaign


Why your business needs a Social Media Campaign, today!

  1. Don’t have time to run your social media advertising campaign?
  2. Tried it once and never got a return on investment?
  3. Never tried it before but know the value and want to take advantage?



You’re in the right place!



There are many reasons why people would chose to have someone manage their social media ad buy. Some of them are: 


  • Social media ads are not easy to do for most people. 
  • Requires constant monitoring and adjusting
  • Technology is constantly changing and evolving. 


Why should your business buy Social Media ads?

Any business that has or is starting a Social Media account for commercial purposes. The reality is that Social Media sites are a business, as such they need to make money to stay profitable. With so much competition for content in the newsfeed in order to get your content viewed, Businesses, especially those with a bigger fan base; will need to pay in order to get their content served beyond a 6 or 10% audience reach. Social Media ads are particularly beneficial for: 


  1. PR agencies.
  2. Small Businesses promoting to a local audience.
  3. Enterprise looking to promote their business to a niche or a wide web audience. 
  4. Event Managers to help promote before, during and after the event. 
  5. Employment agencies and headhunters looking for specific talent. 
  6. Community Managers needing extra support to run the ads. 


What exactly can Mapa Social do for me?

You continue to manage your Facebook page we just manage your ads. We can help you, whatever your needs are! Mapa Social will tie your campaign to an Objective and provide you with measurable results! Whether you want your message to reach thousands of people, get views on a company video or simply, get more website visitors, we can do it all and more. At Mapa Social we partner with small, medium and large organizations to help them succeed not only on ad campaigns, but on all other aspects of social media.


Why Facebook Ads?

  • The best Online Marketing ad targeting option
  • You can target your email lists on Facebook
  • Target visitors to your website or a specific page of your site. 
  • Measurable results that expand beyond Facebook and integrate with your website. 
  • Reach an engaged audience interested in your subject
  • Get organic and paid reach 
  • Promote your image, links or video content to desktop and mobile platforms
  • Promote installs to your mobile app 

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