01 Apr 2014

Is the Facebook Algorithm Change Holding You Back?

Is the Facebook Algorithm Change Holding You Back?

Here are 5 Things you can do to Fix it Today!

Marketers, brand managers and advertisers are complaining that Facebook organic reach is going down once again. 

The rumor mill is spinning fast, with word that the reach went down from 16% in 2012 to roughly 6% in February for an average page (1000 likes) and just 2% for large pages with more than 500,000 likes. 

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05 Mar 2014

10 Ways Dental Offices Can Improve Facebook Reach

If you are the person managing your clinic’s Facebook page or if you have kept an eye into the statistics, you would have noticed that the reach you used to have is not there anymore. Facebook changed the “newsfeed” algorithm a few months back and page managers were left wondering why the reach dropped so drastically. Luckily, there are still plenty of things you can do to keep the audience reach high without spending a fortune, and driving engagement is one of them. Make sure that you have quality content and these tips handy.


  1. Taking the extra minutes to work on your post to make it stand out is a small thing that can take a post from good to great.
  2. Don’t write too much. Research shows shorter the text, the more the engagement.
  3. Don’t write too much dental jargon. The customers don’t understand it and will scroll right past it.
  4. A picture says a thousand words. If possible, brand your picture with your clinics logo or a phone number. Try to keep the ugly pictures to a minimum; however, if you do post them, make them have a positive impact, such as before and after shots.
  5. Use videos to explain complex procedures whenever possible. You tube is a great resource to find free videos, also check with your vendor’s website for specific procedure videos you can share.
  6. Integrate your social media to your digital signage. Ask people in your waiting room to like or follow you and encourage post by integrating your tweets and Facebook recommendations to your digital signs.
  7. Ask for likes and comments. I wouldn’t recommend doing this every day but, once in a while, it is o.k. to ask a customer to like a post or comment on something. Posts with fill in the blanks are great for comments while posts with positive statements and call to actions are generally good for likes (i.e. If you’re reading this and you love your life, click LIKE!)
  8. Use a 4-1 rule. For every 4 post 1 should be about promoting your brand.
  9. Use a Facebook timeline with contests that encourage likes and comments.
  10. Wash, rinse and repeat. Just because one thing didn’t work, doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Try different content and wording to learn how your fans react. This is a continuous learning process as your Facebook fan page grows.