06 Mar 2014

5 Signs Your Dental Office Should Invest on Facebook.

Low engagement per post:

Sure, talking about dental procedures is not the most engaging topic there is if you’re not a dentist, but posting some useful facts can help boost the amount of likes you get. Post things people find useful and apply to the masses and not just the few.

Not enough PTAT- People Talking About This

PTAT is a metric that many social marketers use to measure social reach. This metric is affected when a content you have receives a lot of engagement. This causes the content to be seen by friends of friends, giving you a reach beyond your Facebook likes. Improving your engagement per post can help increase this number dramatically!

Not enough advertising investment.

Only 49% of Dentists are actually using Facebook and, from what I’ve seen, less than half that amount are using Facebook to advertise. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of such a non-competitive advertising space for your industry?

Not posting enough.

A few of the pages I checked for the research on writing this post, forgot that they had a page. The last post recorded for one of them was June 2013. If that is you, I suggest you erase the profile or hand it off to someone that could give your page some serious CPR and a boost in performance. Trying to get your page to show on people’s newsfeed will be a challenge.

No clear definition on where to start.

Social Media is not easy. Understanding how to use it is only half the battle. You will need to take into account, your target market, what is the preferred platform of your target demographic and what kind of content they are more likely to engage with. Some practices don’t have any idea what content they need to post to keep their audience engaged and get some ROI out of Facebook. A social media consultant can help you design a strategy that works for your business.

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04 Mar 2014

5 Good Reasons Why Your Dental Office Should Use Social Media

Social media is here to stay, while many dental offices are not doing very much with their social pages, others are thriving and bringing in a lot of traffic through their doors. Here are some interesting ideas of what some successful dental offices are doing with their social media.

Reduce your dental assistance’s call out time

Use a Facebook tab or app for appointment reminders. What is a Facebook tab? They are HTML code than run inside your Facebook fan page not unlike a website. Even though it only works on desktops at the moment, it is something that can also be added to your website and is a great initiative to grow your email list straight from Facebook.

Growing your email list

Email marketing still alive and well, people check their email every day and there are many ways you could use social media to grow that list. Sign up forms and contests giveaways are a great way to grow it.

Integration with your digital sign

When people see a live Twitter feed, they just want to see their “tweet” on the screen. Having a digital sign with your social feed encourages interaction with your followers and is a great way to grow your social profile. Not to mention because it is a live feed your content is always fresh (as long as you update your social profiles often). Integrating social media also gives your office more control of what you see on the sign without having to have an expert come in to add more content for you.

Social Media ad buy:

You already tried the newspaper, the local one too, the coupon book and so has every other dental office in town. What not all of them are trying, is social media ads. With the proper knowledge, these ads can be a gold mine. Talk to your social media consultant about advertising on Facebook, Twitter and even Linked In. Since this ad space is still “virgin” for most dental offices, you have a chance of getting some new referrals from your current clients.

Increase Brand awareness:

Is no secret that social media helps with your SEO (search engine optimization). The main reason for that is because the content is fresh and always updated. By having people constantly liking and commenting your post, it increases your social reach and that’s how your page can then start to grow organically. Is like digital word of mouth. Encouraging customers to “Check In” at your location is a great example of using social reach as the customers broadcasts your location to all their friends thus increasing your social reach and brand awareness.

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