About our Consulting Services

What can our social media consulting service offer you?

  • We will help you plan your social media strategy and integrate it with your on-going business
  • You will get a complete social media audit
  • Our social media professionals will work as a part of your team. Giving you one on one training or consultation accordingly
  • We will do on-going social media post audits and give you recommendations based on our findings
  • You will get a one time setup of social media ads
  • Being a bi-lingual agency, we will also help you easily overcome geographic, cultural and language barriers with our social media services as we offer both English and Spanish consultation.

Social Media Consultant

We're passionate about social media!

Why Choose Mapa Social Consulting Services?
What can our social media consulting service offer you?

Give your business a competitive edge! Improve your online presence!

How can Mapa Social help improve our Social Media plan?

Jumpstart your Social Media marketing business plan!

Let us help you create a strategy that takes into account where your customers are, what they like, and what they are talking about in real time! With our expertise on Social Media ads, we can reach a targeted audience and help you transform your likes and retweets into tangible gains.

To obtain the best results, it’s best to integrate your offline marketing strategy with your online plan using social media as the main vehicle.
Maikel Parets - Principal Consultant Mapa Social.

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