Social Media Ad Buy

Social Media Ad buy

Helping businesses create a winning social media ad campaign

Social Media ads are not just a luxury any longer. They are a necessity for businesses that want exposure online. With platforms such as Facebook limiting the reach of your posts, now more than ever you need to invest in ads in order to reach your audience. Mapa Social is an agency that helps you get started with social media ads buying for your business. We have the in-house experts to run your campaign from start to finish!

Social Media Ad Buy
Why should your business buy Social Media ads?
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Why Social Media Ads?

Paid Social Advertising Market Share



More than 15.5 Billion in Ad Revenue



With $2.09 Billion in Ad Revenew



900 Million in Ad Revenue

Our Process

We build a Social Media Marketing Plan based on your objectives. Whether you want to get more clicks to your website store or impressions for your upcoming event, our plans are design with your objectives in mind. Our In-house development team takes care of installing the necessary codes while we set up your ad accounts and create the audiences to target from your site visitors. Once everything is in place, we get started with a campaign that follows your customer’s every click!

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