20 Mar 2014

Two Major Updates for Facebook Android App

Two Major Updates for Facebook Android App

A new Facebook for Android update brings you updates to the pull down notification window, previously not available on the Android ecosystem.   The new feature lets you quickly access notifications for new friends, profile activity and allows you to create new messages with a flick and a tap. One anticipated desktop feature is finally […]

06 Mar 2014

5 Signs Your Dental Office Should Invest on Facebook.

Low engagement per post: Sure, talking about dental procedures is not the most engaging topic there is if you’re not a dentist, but posting some useful facts can help boost the amount of likes you get. Post things people find useful and apply to the masses and not just the few. Not enough PTAT- People […]

05 Mar 2014

10 Ways Dental Offices Can Improve Facebook Reach

If you are the person managing your clinic’s Facebook page or if you have kept an eye into the statistics, you would have noticed that the reach you used to have is not there anymore. Facebook changed the “newsfeed” algorithm a few months back and page managers were left wondering why the reach dropped so […]

04 Mar 2014

5 Good Reasons Why Your Dental Office Should Use Social Media

Social media is here to stay, while many dental offices are not doing very much with their social pages, others are thriving and bringing in a lot of traffic through their doors. Here are some interesting ideas of what some successful dental offices are doing with their social media. Reduce your dental assistance’s call out […]

17 Jul 2013

Measuring Social Media ROI

Measuring Social Media ROI

Originally posted on HootSource. It’s important for social data to be relevant to stakeholders within an organization, but often they speak only to the practitioners. This makes it difficult to communicate value, or to make important decisions related to the use or investment in social media for the organization. That does not need to be so. […]