18 Aug 2014

VP of Social Media – A not so new job description

VP of Social Media – A not so new job description

Nielsen was looking for a Vice President of Social Media at their New York location. The only reason I know this, is because I was going write this article about the need for the position.


To my surprise this job has been around for quite some time and there is a reason for it – there is a need! Nielsen is looking for people with analytical skills with over 10 year digital experience! Some of the other requirements that caught my eye…


Extensive experience collaborating with senior-level executives

This is crucial for someone managing the overall social media presence of a big organization such as Nielsen. Interdepartmental collaboration is essential for the role of VP of Social Media. This person is the gatekeeper between engagement and pushing products and services down people’s throats.

Communications, Product Development, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales are departments that need social media for one reason or another. Whether is marketing research, feedback or trying to achieve your quarterly sales goal, social media can help. However, its effectiveness relies completely on how well is managed. This is why collaborating with other department is not only needed is paramount when it comes to being VP of Social Media for ANY company.

Strong influence management skills and leadership presence. 

This ties in with collaboration quite nicely. You need someone here that has the presence and is able to push back when need be. If this person has any community management experience, they would know that making relationships with key influencers is a sure way to succeed on social. Having strong influence management skills and leadership presence will insure that this candidate is set for success when dealing with key stakeholders, on and offline.

For a small businesses doing social media, don’t have to worry about different departments wanting to use this tool – One of the reasons why there are so many small businesses succeeding using Facebook as the number one source of marketing. They understand the platform well and keep their audience engaged in what they like.

For large organizations, social media is that tool that everyone wants to use and not many know how to use it. The VP of Social Media needs to be able to articulate how social media work and how engagement is key to be able to use social media.

Social Media IS a media and its users are there for entertainment, news or other content of interest and value – not to listen to your sales pitch. To insure ongoing success on social, make sure that you’re leaving the selling as secondary and focus on engagement instead.

Update: The position has been filled and the posting is no longer available for viewing.

Do you think that social media should have it’s own department and executive team? Let us know!