20 Mar 2014

Two Major Updates for Facebook Android App

Two Major Updates for Facebook Android App

A new Facebook for Android update brings you updates to the pull down notification window, previously not available on the Android ecosystem.  

The new feature lets you quickly access notifications for new friends, profile activity and allows you to create new messages with a flick and a tap. One anticipated desktop feature is finally here for mobile, the ability for users to reply to comments with a picture from the camera or gallery.  

Sadly, this feature is not available for business pages at this time, only on personal profiles. While I think it takes precious real estate from the notification window the pull down features comes in handy if you want to quickly glance at your notifications and see if it is the message you’ve been waiting for.  

I’m not sure how I feel to have Facebook constantly in my notification screen, since the app already consumes a lot of battery, I’m wondering how much more power this new feature will consume.

Tell us what you think of the new feature in the comment section below.

New Facebook Mobile App Features
Screenshot of New Facebook Features