07 May 2014

Targeting the US Hispanic Market on Facebook Just Got Easier!

Targeting the US Hispanic Market on Facebook Just Got Easier!

Facebook just finished their f8 developer’s conference in San Francisco, the first one since 2011. The conference, in the past, had been used to announce features such as Open Graph and Timeline.

This year, Mark Zuckerber’s company announced some really exciting new features.

We’ll mention some of them here but our focus will be on new ad targeting for the Hispanic Market.

New for advertisers, is the Audience Network, a feature that allows advertisers to place ads outside of the Facebook app and into third party mobile applications. After the company’s IPO, Facebook was criticized by its stakeholders who said that it was under utilizing its mobile features. Now, they come out swinging with a mobile ad network. 















Facebook explains about audience network in this blog post – Read more here

In addition to that awesome news, they also announced:

Anonymous logins:  basically a way for people to long into apps without sharing their personal data with the developers

Improved Stability: Fixing bugs within 48 hours and a two year guarantee on Stability for Facebook developer products.

New Facebook logins: Lets people choose what kind of information they share with apps.

App Links: Making Links between apps easier and more streamlined

One of the most important features announced for companies that want to reach the US Hispanic Market was the addition of Ethnic Affinity.

Something currently available to this market. This feature allows advertisers to reach the following:

Hispanics (US-All)

Hispanics (US-Bilingual)

Hispanics (US-English Dominant)

Hispanics (Us-Spanish Dominant)

As an agency, this type of targeting is crucial to ensure you’re delivering the right message in the right language. Presuming that Facebook’s algorithm works well, this would allow companies to tailor their message based on language dominance and they would be able to speak directly to their audience and get more engagement.

Currently available is the feature to target regular posts based on languages. However, my previous experience with this feature has not been satisfactory, specifically with the bilingual crowd. I noticed that if I placed the same post in English and Spanish on my client’s page, the bilingual crowd engaged on both posts.

Additionally targeting by language is still available, I’m going to assume that by targeting with “Ethnic Affinity” will be another layer of targeting in addition to the languages, and that you wouldn’t need to use the language targeting setting for those ads.

I’m really excited for this announcement and can’t wait for the day this feature becomes available in Canada. Vancouver, one of the most multicultural cities in the country, struggles to target the right demographic. Advertisers are causing controversy and offending other customers by adding Mandarin signs on bus stops and buses. If this feature becomes available in Canada, it will be an option that many advertisers will use. They could target by language and ethnicity without offending anyone.

In the meantime, if you are a company looking to target the 53 million Hispanics currently living in the US (Data from Census 2012), your options just got a whole lot better… and cheaper!

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