01 Apr 2014

Is the Facebook Algorithm Change Holding You Back?

Is the Facebook Algorithm Change Holding You Back?

Here are 5 Things you can do to Fix it Today!

Marketers, brand managers and advertisers are complaining that Facebook organic reach is going down once again. 

The rumor mill is spinning fast, with word that the reach went down from 16% in 2012 to roughly 6% in February for an average page (1000 likes) and just 2% for large pages with more than 500,000 likes. 

I love Facebook as much as the next guy but if you’re running your whole strategy around one social media network, you’re doing it wrong!

Here are 5 things you can do right today:
1-     Ask your fans to get notifications from your page

Ask fans to go to your page and click on the arrow on your “liked” button. A menu will pop up and there is an option to get notification. If your fans really love you as much as you think they do, this will not be a problem for them. Keep in mind your posting frequency, if you have the kind of page that posts 10 times a day, fans may turn that feature off as it makes the phone vibrates and ring just like when someone tags you.

2-     Spend your money wisely

Don’t just put on an ad to promote a post that will yield no results. Make sure that you’re promoting posts and content that has an end goal. Promoting your product, services, getting people to your site or asking them to opt in for your newsletter are some ideas of things you could do to get your money’s worth. Start grabbing customers out of Facebook and having more control over your fans. Grow your email list and continue to send customers to your site to drive traffic there. I know you’re probably upset after you spent all that money growing your fan base, now you have to pay to reach them. The reality is that the newspaper doesn’t give you any opportunity to show anything for free unless you give them something newsworthy.

3-     Focus on quality content

Facebook is going to give you the opportunity to have your content shared organically as long as it is worth sharing. Facebook users have been complaining of many commercial posts while Facebook wants to make it more mainstream. Have your company’s message blend with what the users see on their timeline. In other words, don’t make your ads look like an ad. Make them look like a friend posted it. You will notice more engagement on your ads and, therefore, more social reach.

4-     Target your post by language or location

For global pages or pages with a large fan base  you can afford to segment your audience by language location or more! In a recent blog post we talked about How to increase engagement on your facebook page we talked about how using targeted post by language and location, can help you increase your engagement and reach by talking to the right audience. Advanced targeting options like these on Facebook can help you with A/B testing of your post as well. Something you should be doing with some of your Facebook posts to learn about your audience and increase engagement. 

5-     Use other social media platforms to amplify your message.

Do not rely on one social platform alone. Make sure your social media strategy goes across multiple social media networks and that you’re promoting your business on all of the social pages your business has. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Ask your Facebook fans to follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and specially your website. After all your website is the only thing that is truly yours.


The reality is that Facebook is a pay to play platform and if business want a piece of the action they’ll have to pay to get it. In my personal opinion I think they should continue to promote content of those pages that genuinely have fans that care about the page content such as non-profits and small businesses that don’t have the same budget as big corporations. However, I’ll be glad to see some of the bogus pages that exist out there with the sole purpose of gathering likes disappear out of my newsfeed.

Do you have any other suggestions to increase organic reach? Leave us your comments below. 


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