28 Mar 2016

Reach and Frequency: New Buying Type option available for Facebook Ads and what it means for your Business.

Reach and Frequency: New Buying Type option available for Facebook Ads and what it means for your Business.

While creating a campaign a few days ago, we noticed a new buying option available for Facebook ads. Curiosity spiked and tried it right away to see what it was all about. This exciting new feature allows advertisers to promote content to a rather large audience 1.5 million or more, competing directly with Radio and TV. The Social Media giant is making it easier for advertisers to compare apples to apples and see the real value of Facebook advertising.

Reach and Frequency, the new ad buying option shows advertiser exactly how many people they will reach over time. Today’s blog post will help you understand what this means, who can benefit from it and how it compares to other media buys.


Understanding Reach and Frequency:


Reach indicates the size of the unduplicated audience. When considering reach, it’s important to remember that an individual viewing or being exposed to an advertisement more than once does not increase its reach, but rather frequency.


Frequency is how many times an individual is exposed to your ad in any medium. Frequency can be attained through repetition of ads during the campaign run dates, and/or by rotating advertisements between media types.


Who can benefit from this new feature?

PR agencies looking use social media for crisis management, can use this as an option to handle it quickly and efficiently using Facebook reaching over a million of engaged users over a selected amount of time.

For large companies doing a product launch: When you need to build buzz around your new product using these type of bidding will help gain much needed traction and help build awareness. If the campaign performs well you will most likely be rewarded with organic reach beyond the amount allotted or forecasted.

Agencies looking to offer more options to their clients: As an Agency that helps clients of all sizes Mapa Social is really excited about the reach and frequency ad buy feature. We can now offer our clients different options when it comes to ad buy and reach.

Reach and Frequency ad buy Best Practices















One thing we noticed about using this ad buying type is that it forces you to use a broader category when targeting by interest or any other option on Facebook. Unless you have a huge email list or a web custom audience of over 1 Million, to be able to reach a targeted audience of 1-1.5 million the same way you do with other ad buying types will be very difficult.

One thing we would recommend is to use your lookalike audience to create a better baseline for your big “targeted audience”. In short, lookalike audiences are created from a copy of a relevant audience based on a goal or a profile or your website visitors. Facebook does all the matching for you automatically and it creates a list that can be from 2.1-21.1 million people. Few things to keep in mind with this is that the size range is based on the total audience in the country you choose. Facebook recommend using smaller audiences because is the one that most closely match your source audience. Creating a larger audience, they say – increases your potential reach, but reduces the level of similarity to your source.

Something that really caught my eye was the embedded budgeting tool that was quietly introduced by Facebook and something we would love to see rolled out soon, across the ad manager and power editor platform. The slick graph gives you great details about your budget, impressions and CPM over time, a text box lets you pick a budget and it will automatically re-calculate and change the graph with the new stats.


Facebook has already set up some ground rules around using this new buying option and they are listed below:

















Reach and Frequency Buying Policies

When you create a campaign using Facebook’s reach and frequency buying type you are agreeing to pay the proposed costs for the advertising inventory you reserve. If you want to change your audience size or frequency, then your costs will also change. You can make these changes any time before your campaign starts. You can edit your ad creative until your campaign starts.

Canceling Campaigns

Campaigns may be canceled and change requests can be made at any time. However, if you frequently cancel your campaigns you may be unable to use the reach and frequency buying type in the future.

Stopping an Active Campaign

Once a campaign starts, it can’t be paused and restarted. If you need to stop your active campaign because of unforeseen circumstances, then you can delete it. You’ll be charged for any impressions delivered.

What does this means for your business?


You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars investing on a huge TV campaign to get your message across. With autoplay options and call to actions buttons, the fact that you can promote a Facebook video to millions of people is a great recipe for high ROI. If you compare the main competitor, YouTube where ads show up front and


It seems this option is not yet available for everyone as some advertisers are reporting is not available for them.


Have you tried the new Reach and Frequency ad buy option yet? Tell us what you think.