22 Oct 2014

Facebook introduces new feature that will save you time and avoid costly mistakes.

Facebook introduces new feature that will save you time and avoid costly mistakes.



Facebook just made it easier for page admins to comment on pages using their own names or as the pages they manage.



Previously this task was “time consuming” and somewhat complicated to do. It required that you had to manually type or click the Facebook URL of the page you wanted to comment on while you were signed on to your personal profile. If you were signed in under another page, you would get an error saying “sorry we got confused”


Now Facebook is allowing you to do this with just one click of the mouse. (See image)


The convenience of this feature for page manager is huge! You can now save time and sometimes…embarrassment as community managers that work with multiple pages, have less of a chance to accidentally post as another page -something that every Social Media Consultant out there fears all the time.

In addition, Facebook also added a new Post Attribution setting, this option will allow the user to pick either their personal profile or Business page as default to make comments on their page.

Many businesses have multiple pages they manage and this feature will sure come in handy. Not only for avoiding mistakes, but saving time instead of having to change back and forth between your page and personal profile. This will also help with the “Sorry we got confused” error that happens when you try to manage one page while logged in on another.

Here at Mapa Social we’re excited to have this option, with over 10 pages to manage at any given time, it will help us save time and our client’s money. It may not seem like a huge change for most people, however, for Social Media Marketers, Consultants and community managers is like dream come true.

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