09 Dec 2014

Audience Network: The other reason why Facebook mobile ads should be part of your marketing strategy.

Audience Network: The other reason why Facebook mobile ads should be part of your marketing strategy.



We all know that Facebook is one of the most innovative companies and best social networks all over the world. It has beautifully brought your real social life to the online world.
From a user’s perspective, you can connect with all of your friends and family members anytime from anywhere. It is also the best and easiest platform to make new friends in no time.
So, what if you are a developer or advertiser?


Facebook Mobile Marketing as part of your Marketing strategy.

What if you want to use Facebook as a mobile marketer, not just as a user?
In these cases, wouldn’t you like to leverage the power of Facebook ads?
Whether you are a company or personal brand, using Facebook as an advertising platform is the most effective way to reach targeted audience and drive more conversions.
We, at Mapa Social have also seen that when mobile marketing is done professionally, it can drive better results. With our expertise in social media (i.e. Facebook advertising) and mobile marketing, we have helped many brands to get a higher number of link clicks, more impressions and better targeting based on geography and demography of their prospective buyers and higher returns (ROI) on their investment. For developers, this means more exposure targeting mobile users and giving your ad more impressions and increased installs for exactly the same price.

Overall, thanks to the re-targeting technology of Facebook, you can achieve maximum ROI on whatever you have invested.
Until now, you would have seen your Facebook newsfeed filled with the latest and innovative marketing campaigns. And from a marketing perspective, you would have also wished many times to promote your own brand using Facebook advertising.
And why not! When mobile is the way to drive more results, and when Facebook is one of the biggest advertising platforms for mobile marketing on the earth.
If you are not still convinced with this fact, then the latest offering from Facebook will easily convince you.
Yes! Facebook has launched its Audience Network for developers and advertisers to reach more targeted audience and drive sales.
That means your ads will not be limited to Facebook, but to the all apps connected to Facebook; either directly or indirectly. Thus, in a short period of time, you will be enjoying more conversions with a 3-4x higher conversation rate.
If this still does not excite you, then the below mentioned facts will let you know the importance of mobile marketing and Facebook ads altogether.



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Mobile marketing helps you become more personal with your target audience
In today’s online world, marketing is not just a finding target audience and how you can sell your products to them. It has actually gone one step ahead. It is all about re-targeting.
This is because, the person you are targeting for the first time is not going to do anything that will help you in any way. And why not, especially when internet is cluttered with so many things nowadays.
Sometimes, for a user, it takes to time to figure out what they are actually looking for. And until they find it, they are not going to take any action.
In that way, re-targeting is the only option left to marketers. But, thanks to advertising companies and the ever growing demand of mobile devices, which has made it really easy to re-target prospective buyers. If you want to see the facts then this infographic (you will find the report on Microsoft website) will let you know what is happening in the mobile world.
According , there are 4 billion mobile users in the world. Out of this, there are 1.08 billion Smartphone users. In total, that makes 27% of all mobile users. And by 2014, mobile users will easily overtake all the desktop users worldwide.
When we compare these number with Facebook users (as per 2014, it has 1.35 billion monthly active users), then it is the only social network that can help you connect with the ever growing community of mobile users.
That means when it comes to mobile marketing, Facebook is the only social network that can help build your brand faster than anyone else. And its latest offering, which is known as “Facebook Audience network”, is what will catch your eyeballs as a developer, advertiser or mobile marketer.

It helps you increase conversions
You know that 4 out of 5 consumers use mobile devices to make purchases. And it is not only because of ease of use, but to seek peer reviews. If a smartphone user finds good reviews from other people, they are instantly ready to buy that same thing.
, 86 million Americans are now shopping on their smartphone only. And this consumer behavior is being adopted by mobile users all over world.
Now, you can imagine the real power of Facebook as a social network. Because Facebook attracts 7 times the engagement that Twitter does. (According to Business Insider). That means you are going to get higher returns when you are running your marketing campaign on Facebook.
Now, you have got one more bonus.
With the launch of Facebook Audience Network, not only will your ads will appear on Facebook, but to all the other apps for re-targeting. And for that, users are not required to use their Facebook login. Facebook, with its smart technology, will track device ids and data points to find the same users on different apps.
That means you will see better re-targeting with 3-4 times efficiency of your mobile marketing campaign.

Influence of Internet.org
For a long time, we have been hearing a lot about Internet.org (A project that was launched by Mark Zuckerberg to provide internet access (for free) to everyone in the world). That means you are going to see an exponential growth in the number mobile users worldwide. So Facebook ads, as a leader, will be more efficient to better re-target your targeted audience.
So, if you think that you need to go mobile, we are here to help you get maximum results when it comes to social media and mobile marketing campaigns.
We, at Mapa Social, are committed to helping developers and advertisers better leverage the power of social media marketing on mobile.


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