19 May 2014

8 ways to target travelers on Social Media. Facebook ads for the travel industry

8 ways to target travelers on Social Media. Facebook ads for the travel industry

Are you a Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Tourist Attraction or even a restaurant targeting tourists in your town? We have some great news for you! 

In addition to being able to target Facebook users that are away from home, or away from family, Facebook ads have expanded to also include a more targeted list of travelers. This is great news for advertisers in the travel industry as they will now be able to be precise on who they target and when

Some of the targeting options listed are:




  1. Business Travelers
  2. Commuters
  3. Currently Traveling
  4. Planning to Travel
  5. Returned from a trip 1 week ago
  6. Returned from a trip 2 week ago
  7. Used Travel App (1 Month)
  8. Used Travel App (2 weeks)

People travelling tend to use social media to show their friends and family how their trip is going. Whether is a wedding, a family vacation, or even a business trip, they use Facebook as a way to communicate and to show their friends all the awesome things they are doing while away from home. Not to mention that most users, especially the ones on my friends lists, tend to tell everyone that they have booked a vacation to go somewhere or ask friends and family about a travel destination before they go. Yet, many travel agencies are not taking advantage of this powerful tool to target users, get more site visits and in turn more sales.

For tour operators this is a great option to have. As a traveler myself, I find it very convenient to see an ad for a tour package or something to do while I’m traveling. With the popularity of online coupons, a great idea would be to create your own coupon using Facebook Offer claim ad option or send users to your website to find out more information about what you have to offer and have the traveler book directly from there. Not only is this convenient for your customers, but also for your company, as you do not have to pay Facebook for each offer claimed. Additionally, you have full control over how much discount you give and only have to worry about your ad budget, which you could start with as little as $5 per day.

To start a Social Media Campaign is easy, but maintaining it and getting great results is not. That is why getting some expert help along the way is the best way to go. Saves you money in the long run and you can start taking advantage of all the targeting options that Facebook has to offer. For example, using custom audiences you could target customers on your email list or visitors to your website. 

If you are a travel agency, tour operator or tourists are in your target demographic and need assistance reaching this market, feel free to email us for a free consultation.

Mapa Social is a Social Media Consulting agency based out of Richmond, BC and servicing Metro Vancouver in person and the rest of the world electronically. We are fully bilingual (English and Spanish) and we love helping companies reach their targeted audience using social media and other internet marketing strategies. For more information email us today at info@mapasocial.ca

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