16 Oct 2014

5 ways to use Facebook to promote your MLM business

5 ways to use Facebook to promote your MLM business

If you’re working in the network marketing industry you know how difficult is to get leads. You go through your friends and family quickly and often you are forced to go outside of your network and connect with people connected to your friends.


Social Media has done a great job at lowering the degrees of separation and now we’re more connected than ever. Making a connection with one of your friend’s friends is as easy as making a comment on one of their posts. However, how can you use Facebook to go beyond your circle of friends, and start tapping into your friend’s connections? Here are some ideas:




Engage with more friends on Facebook.

The way that the Facebook algorithm works is by looking at the friends you interact with the most. Not necessarily the ones that you like the best. If you want to see more posts from more friends and make sure they see yours, start engaging! A single comment could start a conversation and maybe turn into a lead that you can invite later on. Just make sure that you connect with them and leave your friend out of it.

Use Facebook events:

Planning parties has never been easier ever since Facebook came out with this feature. Similar to the Calendar invite on Outlook a Facebook event is more than just an invite. With all the full features of Facebook, creating an event is the best way to promote your product parties on Social Media. Post images of the products that you’d be sampling, recipes or “hacks” that you can do with your product.

Do your research:

Social Media and Facebook in particular is a great way to learn more about your fans. You can look at your friend’s friends and look for people you have met to invite to your next product party. Another way to do research is by posting images of your product and review the comments that people leave. That will give you a great indication if the product is popular and how much work you’d have to do to convince people to buy it.

Create your own content

Creating content doesn’t have to be hard! Using websites such as www.canva.com or www.pixlr.com  to create your own product images is not only convenient, it’s also FREE! However if you need a professional to help you create content I would suggest going to FIVERR and looking for a graphic designer or content writer, the price for the “gigs” start at only $5.

Use Facebook ads

Do you have a business page? If not you’re missing one of the key components of your Online/Social Media Marketing Strategy. The only way to promote a post on Facebook beyond your fan base is to pay for an ad. Facebook ad are relatively inexpensive and for just $5/day to start you’d be on your way to Social Success in no time. Make sure that you follow all Facebook ad guidelines, or contact us! Here at Mapa Social we provide Social Media Ad campaign support and can help with all of your Social Media Ad buy. Visit our page for Details.

Be you!

Let’s be real, people are not flocking social media sites to hear about your business. They go there to connect with friends and family! Make sure you are there for the same thing, make connections. Use your personal profile mainly for personal reasons and your business page strictly for business. Using your personal Facebook profile for business only could get you into hot water with Facebook as their terms of services state that you shall not use a personal Facebook profile to promote your business. Thou shall use a business page!