08 Nov 2016

Copy-writing best practices you should know about before launching your website

Copy-writing best practices you should know about before launching your website

Mapa Social is a social media company based in Richmond BC, with a global reach. we write and guide many company’s online persona using many services including writing.

Writing for the web isn’t like writing an essay or a letter. In order to write for social media or website design you need a few key elements to really stand out.

The best things you can do are:

  • Use Bullet Points to be concise
  • Bold Important words
  • Focus on the User
  • Keep content short and to the point
  • Break text up
  • Use plain and simple language
  • Use calls to action to guide readers to the next point
  • Hyperlinks should describe the actions
  • Keywords are essential for getting notice online (SEO)
  • Use Visuals effectively


The first few points explain themselves, others need to be flushed out though. When keeping content Short and to the point it is important to be direct, without loosing detail. Explain yourself fully without wasting words. This makes your content very user and social media friendly.

To do this, you should write your initial draft. When you begin editing, take out words that do not need to be there to get your point across. Do not lose detail, only repetition. When working on website design, having every detail will ensure your readers come back for more.

Breaking up text is simple. It is best to use short paragraphs, 2-3 sentences in length. Each paragraph should contain a single idea, with following paragraphs giving supporting details.

Breaking up your writing in this manner allows your writing to be scanable for easy and quick reading. This formatting also prevents readers from becoming bored. Meaning that your whole article will be read. This is especially important for social media sites like Facebook.

Calls to action are also very important, they let you tell your reader what to do. This could be to visit a website, click a button, or write an E-mail. Each call to action should be short and brief to be effective.

Hyperlinks should be made easy to understand. For example, when telling a reader to visit your website or Amazon. Link the words directly to the sites as we did here.

Keywords are critical to get noticed by users who are surfing the web. They make you stand out when someone googles content like yours. This is called Social Media Optimization and will get you noticed online.

Finally, any visuals you use should be near the subject they are involved with.  Avoid making them larger than they need to be so that they don’t shift attention or confuse readers.

Following these best practices for website writing will allow your readers to skim through and extract the most important information from your writing. Your readers will enjoy your articles and how they flow quickly and easily. At Mapa Social we offer copywriting services ensure your copy is the most effective on the internet. We are located in Richmond BC, but can be contacted from anywhere!